COVID-19 Guidelines for Group Runs

To help protect our members and the larger community against COVID-19, follow these guidelines for group runs:

Mesa Monument Striders COVID-19 Mascot

  1. If you are the caretaker, live or work with a high-risk individual and/or have not been fully vaccinated, it is recommended you do not participate in group runs.
  2. If you are sick, no matter how mild your symptoms might be, stay home or run at another location on your own.
  3. It is encouraged that you carry a buff or other multi-functional face covering that can be pulled over one's nose and mouth if it is necessary to pass people on single track trails and there is no opportunity to keep 6 feet of separation. We also encourage the use of cloth face coverings before and after runs while interacting with runners and other trail users if you are not fully vaccinated.
  4. Bring your own hand sanitizer.
  5. We recommend all participants bring hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes in order to remain safe if using restroom facilities.
  6. Keeping 6 feet of separation from other runners does not apply to members of the same household or if you have been fully vaccinated.
  7. Outdoor exercise is now more important than ever and it is encouraged by health officials if it is done in a safe manner. We all harken for some form of normalcy and we believe that these guideline will allow us to resume our communal running gatherings in a safe and responsible manner. For this to be a success we need your, the members, support. Be kind to one another, be mindful that you may not have the same level of anxiety of the current situation as the runner next to you might have-give them the respect you would expect from them. We all represent the Striders and we need to conduct ourselves responsibly because the community knows who we are when we hang out at trail heads, so lets do it responsibly and set a positive example.