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27 Jul, 2021

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NEWS LETTER of The Mesa-Monument Striders

In this issue:  MARTY WACKER (& similarly-‘seasoned’ David Fay) & ANNE SWANSON fastest @ Garfield!  More race results!  And information regarding upcoming events!

Next Issue:  BREAKING-BAD DUATHLON, among other things

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Thanks to for contributions to this issue:  Corey Hinman, Conrad Cole, Cassidy Veach, Gerhard @ Foot-Support Group, and Tom Ela

Garfield Grumble   5 Mile Mountain Run   Palisade CO


1  Marty Wacker      (age)  50 !     48:00            2  David Fay, 52!               51:54

3  Ben Hauschulz, 36                  52:22            4  James Roche, 34 53:52

5  Austin Anderson, 25                56:04            6  Scott Vig, 46                 59:06

7  Matt Johnson, 53           1:09:09         8  Levi Hamer, 28              1:02:47

9  Mike Burnham, 46                   1:04:10         10  Dan Ben-Horin, 41          1:04:36

11  Anne Swanson, 48                1:12:25         WOMEN’S RACE WINNER

12  Ernie Langelier, 69                1:13:49         13  Jazz Adams, 31 1:13:51

14  Cody Esbenshade, 32            1:14:10         15  Craig Burger, 48          1:16:07

16  Joe Schwarz, 67                    1:23:47         17  Steve Ela, 58               1:27:33

18  Gordon Harbert, 61                1:27:56         19  Chery Castle, 54          1:28:13

20  Oliver Berg, 27                      1:29:25         21  Scott Hollmaier, 67          1:32:19

22  Courtney Barella, 32              1:32:23         23  Ray Jensen, 56           1:32:51

24  Tom Ela, 68                           1:34:21         25  Sue Bardsley, 59          1:35:27

26  Sue Ceglowski, 55                 1:36:17         27  Kaila Pirrie, 30             1:47:01

28  Kevin Madrid, 34                   1:53:24         29  Mark Ceglowski,57          2:04:05

30  Veronica McIlveen, 56           2:18:42         31  Jay Welch, 55              2:18:45

32  Kathy Donoher, 42                 2:24:06         33  Trevor Fuchs, 21          3:05:33

Grumble Story 2021

          I have to thank family members who perpetually come out to help me put on this and R2W. Kim and her sister and her husband, the Hamer’s steadfast with timing and general help. Jeslyn and Chris Burg were to be the Summit Team. Jessie is the Hamer daughter and nurse at Community Hospital. As it happened, Chris came down with the virus and couldn’t make the assignment. So, our esteemed? editor, Jay Krabacher stepped in as well as D Plunkett to join Jessie at the top. Jay took and sent many pictures of the adventure they were having up there. The Gatorade they mixed up was a bright blue. Sure looked like she was dispensing windshield washer fluid! Too bad Trump didn’t think of that. From the story D told of the experience, sounded like the Summit Crew absorbed a good portion of the beer portaged to the top, including cans found from two years ago. So glad they were up there.

          Trail work this year was mostly done by Levi Hamer, Joe Schwarz and myself. We built bridges last year and they were all in great shape. We also came upon an obelisk on the downside trail which we knew nothing about. Was really Cool! Didn’t hear any talk of the item at the finish line. So, Jay went down the front side after his duty at the top. Jessie loaned him a pole to help negotiate the loose material on the steep descent. Jay dropped it off at the house by the time we arrived with all the race stuff to call it good. The pole was snapped in half! A not so innocent bystander exclaimed that that pole was handed down to Chris by his uncle who had summited 37 14ers with it. Such a shame. Well Jay made good and got a new pole as a replacement.

          We had 33 finishers and was great to get this old race going again. Observed Sue Ceglowski approach the flaming finish line, knees wobbling like an injured duck. Wondered how many beers she had at the summit. At least she beat Mark! Karla filled in for Cliff at the grill. The hot dogs tasted great!

          Marty brought coffee and banana bread from the Trailhead Coffee shop. I found some left over and tried it. Superb!! Logistics got in the way of being able to properly promote his wares. But it is very good, please don’t hesitate to support local runner business down there on Monument Road.

          Became instant friends with Marty’s buddy from Nepal. Yes, he wasn’t any taller than me.  All in all, things went well. Thank you, runners, for coming out to support the nutso race.



THE EDITOR RAMBLES (whut else iz gnu?):  First of all, Sue had NO BEERS at the summit.  Otherwise (does anyone ever say “otherstupid?”) presumably almost everyone who reads this (the MMS NL, that is, you can skip this editorial…) is either a runner, or has to live with one or more, or maybe doesn’t “have to” put up with/live with a runner, but … THE OLYMPICS ARE COMING SOON!  Call me biased (only been running since 1964) but I’m primarily interested in the track & field meet, which, to me, is central to The Games.  Intrinsic.  The rest of the stuff is a side-show.  Never-the-less-(is-more?) ~ My house enjoyed the Oly Trials and it’s also good to see how the local and state High School scene has readily rebounded after a “no show” last year.  Of recent high-school and university T&F news:  TONY TORRES (CMU) was 3rd in the 1500-meter run at the NCAA D2 National Championships (May 27-29 in Michigan).  He was in contention for the title, finishing in 3:53.2.  The RMAC “did okay” at the National meet – top local-conference teams were Adams State women (4th team) and Colo. Mines men (6th team).  There were more than “just a few” RMAC award-winners in the distance races.

            But!  I was very/really amazed at how fast HIGH SCHOOL “kids” have gotten – case in point, Harrison Witt (Mountain Vista H.S.) won the 5A boys 1600-meter title with a 4:04.3!  this lowers the previous state record by about 6 seconds.  And, the fastest 400-meter runner regardless of category is G.J. Central’s JUSTIN BLANTON (47.84).  Mr. Blanton also was 2nd in both shorter sprints.  I have been interested and often “followed” Colo. High-school track (& field) since I participated in the 1960’s.  A mile time in the low 4:20’s was considered very fast.  On a personal note, my daughter held the Central 800-meter record for many years, until recently.  Her 2:18 was good for 2nd place at state, twice.  At the last state meet, her record was broken by Tristian Spence by 0.4 seconds – and Miss T was 6th-place with that time! Tristian did better in the 1600m, 5th with a 5:02 (only 16 seconds faster than my daughter’s one-time CHS record).

            There were numerous other good performances by individuals and teams from “our side” of the state (e.g. Cedaredge girls were 2A team champs, out-scoring the 2nd-place team by 34); Coal Ridge girls were just as dominant, finishing 31 points ahead of the 3A runner-up; DeBeque boys were 2nd 1A team, aided greatly by Wesley Ryan’s two individual titles (100m and high jump).

MS Directors meetings -->  MAY 11: We definitely had a quorum, with almost all directors present.  Conrad announced that, financially, “we’re flush.”  No, no paid directorships, yet (darn!).  (The editor just might try harder if, well, oh … never mind.)  Corey told us “the trail news” – imminent was the upcoming (May 18) “trail work day” (see report after-the-fact elsewhere in this issue).  She was hoping for (and got!) more volunteers.  Upcoming trail-work plans involve the “Dominguez/Escalante Project,” a trail-head in the 9-Mile-Hill area (which, in the Editor’s opinion, there are lots of trails there already.  Too many, perhaps, as people are making new ones as time goes by …)

            We talked of the upcoming Garfield Grumble (results and commentary elsewhere in this issue); and that the MMS is scheduled to time the Aug. 28 Kokopelli races – which, by the way, is THE SAME DAY as the “Headless”? – also timing the July 31 Grand Mesa Ultras.  And … the Nov. 6 RIMROCK Marathon (& Half) – somewhat new course (again) as it appears they’ll finish at the Fruita Rec. Center.  Larry provided a slew (is that like past tense of ‘slay’?) of “historical” documents (many of which were in varying degrees of ‘hysterical’).  Lots of weirdnesses. (I was bequeathed the winner’s coupon ($15 off on a turkey) for the 1980 Tom Turkey Prediction Run, which I guess I won but didn’t receive this coupon.  I think it’s expired…)

            The annual MMS picnic will be July 8 at Lunch Loops (update, photos on Facebook, etc. – looks like nobody died in the heat!)  Martin mentioned considering a “no snow” biathlon @ the Cameo Shooting Complex (bike or run instead of ski).  Martin intimated that I wouldn’t be allowed to bring my “own gun(s)” to any such biathlon.  Heck, can I use hand-grenades?  (Probably not, Martin is such a stickler for details).  The Board agreed that we order T-shirts and Decals (MMS) from IMPACT.


The M M S Directors, currently, are:

KARLA NEPHEW – President (& Jaguar-Timing-System).

ANDY WINNEFELD – Vice-President (& frequent medical insight).

TOM ELA – Membership (among many other things).    CONRAD COLE – Treasurer.

ROSCO BETUNADA – interim temporary acting Secretary, Newsletter.  “We (the MMS) are still looking for someone, anyone, who can perform this position in a competent, attention-to-details (& not embarrassing the MMS) fashion, and not be so smart-alecky and weird.  Submit your resumes soon! Before the MMS fades into the … chonyid bardo.  Well, it could be that THAT hazz awlreddee happened. (Yee-haw, cow-bwoi (oar gurl)!”

LARRY INGRAM -- Calendar, Race Director Consultant.  MARTIN WIESIOLEK -- Web Site &.

SHERYL DOUGLAS (former President).   COREY HINMAN (GVTA Liason).

K M (mystery occasional semi-secret agent), consultant on any-&-everything.

May 18th Striders Trail Work Day

            Our Striders McInnis Canyons trail work day on May 18th was a success!

            We had 23 volunteers help out for our evening session. We were able to complete all the sign installations and enhancements, old sign removals and dog waste clean-up areas on our list.  We had a crew of four volunteers clean-up dog waste at Dinosaur Hill and at the Kodel’s Canyon trails. We had a crew of two place a trail directional sign on the south tip of the Flume trail. We had another crew on Pollock and Flume install new directional and vegetation restoration signs, remove old signs and pick up dog waste. On the Pollock trail, we had a crew remove old sign posts and enhance the rustic trail sign posts with new trailhead directional.  We had two junior Striders out on Pollock and Flume picking up dog waste and assisting with signage work. A special thank you to Zoey and Leo for coming out with their mom Ezzy, and volunteering their time to improve our trails!  Volunteers enjoyed Pablo’s pizza at the end of our session. Thank you to Karla and Striders for providing pizza as a fun way to wrap up the evening.  All of our volunteers’ efforts are appreciated by the BLM, our fellow trail users and our trail running community. A huge Thank You to everyone that volunteered their time and pitched in to help out!

(thanks to Corey Hinman for this update!)

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or ‘regular’ mail to MMS, c/o Betunada, 230 Sunset Hills, Grand Jct., CO  81503

MESA MONUMENT STRIDERS websitehttp://www.mesamonumentstriders.com


  • Questions about Grand-Valley-Trail Alliance? Reach out to Corey at 707-933-6328 or [email protected] with trail work or GVTA-related questions or trail crew leader training.

C A L E N D A R !

Note: any phone numbers “970” unless indicated otherwise

Some “local” runs which have a good chance of actually being conducted à

Sunday, July 18, 9 AM   Crag Crest Trail Run, 10.5 miles   Crag Crest Trailhead,
Colo. Hwy 65 above Island Lake just East of Grand Mesa Lodge (look for the sign with the red canoe on top)  Registration on race day only, well-marked route but no aid stations
            Call me, Tom 970-773-3124 or 
[email protected]

July 25, Spring Creek 9.5-mile & 5k Trail runs – Steamboat Springs running series

Saturday, July 31   Grand Mesa Ultras, 50-Mile, 55K or 30K
Mesa Top Trailhead, Colo Hwy 65 on Grand Mesa.  All distances traverse the ultra-scenic Crag Crest loop!  Sign-up soon!  Grand Mesa Ultras - July 31, 2021 (ultrasignup.com)

'Just Peachy 5K Run!' This year's race is happening on Saturday, August 21:

I'm the Outreach & Event Coordinator for the local non-profit organization, The Greater Grand Junction Sports Commission. I'm reaching out to you because we have an upcoming running event that we would love to see Mesa Striders participate in!

            The event is called the 'Just Peachy 5K Run!' This year's race is happening on Saturday, August 21st in conjunction with the famous Palisade Peach Festival. Although the race has been happening in the community for several years now, we decided to give it a bit of a makeover by adding some new elements!

            Everyone who registers for the 5K will receive a FREE entry into the Palisade Peach Festival, event t-shirt, limited edition medal, and a peach of course! Runners who place in the top three of their age category will receive trophies and those who win overall will be awarded cash prizes upwards of $500! Additionally, we added a fun costume contest and the individual with the most creative outfit will win a unique prize. We even have a corporate division this year! The team with the most registered participants will win a fun team building experience at one of our local wineries in Palisade! Did I also mention there's a FREE 1K race option for kids and each of them will receive a participation medal? For more event information and details on how to sign up, 2021 Just Peachy Run Race: 5K & 1K presented by Grand Valley Primary Care - Palisade in Palisade, CO, Aug 21, 2021 - Events.com 

            We also would love to explore opportunities to have Mesa Striders help recruit more registered participants and in return, the Sports Commission would make a generous donation to the group. Similar to an Ambassador program. We are also happy to provide a discount code that's unique just to Mesa Strider Running Club members.  This year's 'Just Peachy 5K' is unlike ever before and we would love to cheer Mesa Striders on during the race!

            Regards, Cassidy Veach   Outreach & Event Coordinator   Greater Grand Junction Sports Commission   Office: (970) 248-1364   grandjunctionsports.org 

Long Ago Into the Future (or What’s Next?)

          As we emerge from our caves in a post pandemic, perspectives, policies and habits have undergone some major changes.  Looking back into the future, we have transitioned from hunter/gatherer to……what exactly? Over millennia man has gone from running after food/running from being food to running for recreation/competition. (With exceptions in regions where malls, desks and sidewalks have not become mainstream.) Physiologically we are still the same “critter”, unshod upon arrival. So what is our best approach to running in the world of tomorrow?

          Terra Firma comes with many options of texture, terrain and altitude. Run on the beach, track, trail, treadmill or in the pool?  Much of how we may run is affected by our “equipment” at birth, equipment we add and habits formed using aforementioned equipment. A pattern of adverse movement, compensated posture, limited range of motion and ill choice of footwear may lead to undesired results over time. Classic phrases include: “I’m increasing my mileage but not gaining speed.” “I rested 2 weeks but my heel pain is back.” “Cross training has helped but I don’t have time to stretch.”

          A lot of us spent more time “driving” a desk/computer over the last year, thus creating opportunity for undesired physical (and mental) side effects.  As part of our journey forward consider a consult with your favorite care provider/equipment consultant to make a plan for future pain-free running. This may be a visit with a posture/range-of- motion specialist, gait biomechanics assessment, proper cross training consult or footwear/orthotic professional. Adding a person/activity specific stretching routine, removing detrimental daily habits (repetitive adverse motions, nutritional deficits, chronic malalignments), or any combination of these things.

          Look for the cause of the problem, not just eliminating the symptoms.

          In a universe (included is the treadmill aboard the ISS) of many running options, finding a balance among ambition, attitude, physical efficiency/alignment, proper application of footwear or absence thereof (Tarahumara, etc), a good choice of post-event beverage, are key to being able to run far into the future with a design from long ago.

Happy efficient, pain free running, kindly -- Gerhard @ Foot Support Group

          The San Juan Solstice 50-Miler was back after a year hiatus on June 26. Grand Mesa Ultra veteran Gordon Gianniny won it in 8:49. (For those of us not familiar with races longer than, say, 10k or so, 8 HOURS 49 MINUTES).  Courtney Dauwalter was the first female and 3rd overall. Strider Ryan Sullivan had a stomach-challenged race but still had a great 6th-place finish at 9:30. It sounds like it was a tough race with inclement weather making it very cold and wet for portions. Other tough Striders and locals:

59      Scott Vig, Fruita, 12:18      64th     Patrick Hummel, Fruita, 12:24

91      Spencer Weiler, Grand Junction, 13:19   124th,  Benjamin Hauschultz, 14:20

148th  Kyle Stone, Fruita, 14:58

The JUNE 12 Alpha Win Triathlon Series (the new name for HITS) returned to Highline Lake with Sprint, Olympic and 70.3 distances. (70.3 is “half IRON-MAN”).  Don’t dwell on that name.  Many, many women crush the “iron-Man” regularly).  It was great to have another local tri opportunity!  https://alpha.win/event/grand-junction-colorado/

            The Alpha Win outfit brought multi-sport back to the valley!  Congratulations to ADAM FEIGH and JOEL HOMAN who placed 1 and 3 in the 70.3 distance and to ERIK HEMSTAD who was 5th in the Olympic. A huge shout out goes to PENNY VERCILLINE who brought up the rear in the 70.3 showing great tenacity in the heat! Great work by them and all of the other Strider finishers:

Jason Holwick, Olympic 35-39 4th Scott Bierman, Olympic 50-54 1st

Ray Jensen, Olympic 55-59 1st    Tom Ela, Olympic 65-69 3rd

Susan Bierman, Sprint 45-49 1st

Bears Ears Ultras, Monticello UT, 6/26: Great work by Striders!

Evan Rich, 33rd in the 50K; Donnie Tietsema, 19th in the 30K; Jina Silva, 32nd in the 30K.

Ironman Coeur d’Alene 140.6 (that’s FULL IRON-PERSON): was run in the intense Northwest heat wave but Strider Joel Homan persisted, First Place M40-44 and 23rd overall in this super-competitive race. That should qualify him for the big one in Kona!

Below:  what Grand Mesa Ultra (& Crag Crest) runners will run through … soon.