Mesa Monument Striders Running Club

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RACE RESULTS - Listed here are results that we have received in a format that we can post. If you have results that you'd like to see included, send them to [email protected]. Also, check out race websites for complete race results and our newsletters under the NEWS tab for Grand Valley-focused results and commentary. Thanks!

Turkey Prediction Run 2019 (last page of December 2019 newsletter; click on News)

Striders Trail Race Series 2019 Results

Kokopelli Classic 2019 Results

Crag Crest 2019 Results

Turkey Flats 2019 Results

Garfield Grumble 2019 Results

Watertower 5-mile 2019 Results

Widowmaker 2019 Results

Valentine Massacre 2019 Results

Appleton Freezer 2019 Results

Turkey Prediction Run 2018

2018 Trail Race Series

Grand Mesa Ultra 2018

Desert Championships 2018

Turkey Flats 2018

Garfield Grumble 2018 Results

Watertower 5-Mile 2018 Results

Widowmaker Trail Run 2018 Results

Pi Day 2018 Results

Valentine's Massacre 2018 Results

Appleton Freezer 2018 Results

Bangs Canyon 2018 Results

Strider 5-mile Time Trial 2018 

Turkey Prediction Run 2017

Run to Whitewater 2017

Old Spanish Trail 2017 Results

Mary's Loop Kokopelli Classic Results 2017

Trail Race Series 2017 Results

Garfield Grumble 2017

Turkey Flats 2017

Desert Championships 2017

Grand Mesa Ultras 2017

Crag Crest Results 2017

MMS Trail Series #1 2017

Desert Water Tower 2017 Results

ROARing to Run 5k 2017

Widowmaker 2017

Fruita Sweetheart Run 2017

Valentine's Massacre 2017 Results

Appleton Freezer 2017 Results

Bangs Canyon 2017 Results

Tom Turkey Prediction Run 2016

Vivace 5k 2016 Results

MMS Trail Run/Race Series

Run to Whitewater 2016 Results

Spur of the Moment 5k 2016 Results

Kokopelli Classic 2016 Results

Crag Crest 2016 Results

Desert Championships 2016 Results

Monument Downhill 5k 2016 Results

Water Tower 5 Mile 2016 Results

Trail Series #2 2016 Results

Garfield Grumble 2016 Results

Trail Series #1 2016 Results

ROARing to Run 5k 2016 Results

Widowmaker Trail Run 2016 Results

Pi Day 2016 Results

Appleton Freezer 2016 Results

Bangs Canyon 30k 2016

Striders 5-Mile Time Trial 2015

Strider Tom Turkey 2015

Monument Downhill 2015

Crag Crest Trail Race 2015

Turkey Flats 2015

Strawberry Shortcut 2015

Children with Hope 5k 2015

Water Tower 5 Mile 2015

Mike the Headless Chicken 2015 Results

Lincoln O.M. ROARing to Run 5k 2015 Results

Widowmaker 2015 Results

Canyonlands 2015 Results

Tortoise and Hare Relay 2015

Fruita Sweetheart 5k and 10k 2015 Results

Appleton Freezer 2015 Results

Bangs Canyon 2015 Results

5-mile Time Trial 2014 Results

Winter Sun 10k 2014 Results

Firemen's Turkey Trot 2014 Results

Tom Turkey Prediction Run 2014 Results

Rimrock Marathon Relay 2014 Results

Rimrock Marathon 2014 Results

Spur of the Moment 5k Results 2014

Monument Downhill 5k Results 2014

Desert Championships Results 2014

Craig Crest Results 2014

Turkey Flats 2014 Results

Desert Water Tower 2014 Results

Garfield Grumble 2014 Results

Children with Hope Registration Form

Widowmaker Trail Run 2014 Results

Magnet 5k Run registration form

Mike the Headless Chicken registration form

Canyonlands Half and 5 Mile Results 2014

Dream Catcher Half Marathon 2014

Valentine Massacre 3-mile prediction run 2014

Fruita Sweetheart 5k and 10k 2014

Super Bowl Shuffle 5k 2014

Appleton Freezer 2014 and Fun Facts

Strider 5-mile Time Trial 2013

Winter Sun 10k 2013

Turkey Trot 5k 2013

Strider 6-mile Prediction Run 2013

Moab Trail Marathon 2013

Bangs Canyon 2014 Results

The Other Half Results 2013 (GJ)

Thigunawat Results 2013

Kokopelli Classic Results 2013

Monument Downhill 5k Results 2013 - Women

Spur of the Moment Results 2013

Kokopelli Classic Results 2013

Highline Hustle Results 2013                                                                                                                                                   
Turkey Flats Results 2013                                                                                                                                                            

Monument Downhill 5k Results at